Aleksandar Danilovski

Chief Scientific Officer, Xellia Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Danilovski currently leads global R&D and regulatory affairs at Xellia Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused entirely on anti-infective treatments against serious and life-threatening infections. His previous work experiences include serving as head of European R&D for Barr Laboraties (USA) and head of vertical integration and head of chemistry for Pliva Pharmaceuticals (Croatia).

Dr. Danilovski has participated in and led development of several novel and patented specialty pharmaceutical products including development of more than 100 different drug substances ranging from traditional synthetic API’s, semisynthetic and fermentation based API’s to rDNA technology based biologics/biosimilars; and development of more than 200 different drug products ranging from solid-oral dosage forms (IR/SR, tablets and capsules, ODTs), parenterals (lyo and liquid), oral solutions, suspensions, emulsions and soft-gel capsules to semi-solids (ointments, creams and gels). He has authored more than 20 different patent families with granted patents and patent applications in various patent offices (USPTO, EPO, etc.)

Dr. Danilovski obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and his B.Sc.Chem from the University of Zagreb in Croatia.