Ruben Tommasi

Chief Scientific Officer, Entasis Therapeutics

Ruben Tommasi obtained his doctorate degree in Organic Chemistry from the State University of New York–Albany in 1992, with Prof Frank M. Hauser.

Ruben Tommasi spent a year at UC Boulder with Prof. Gary Molander and subsequently, he was post-doctoral fellow at Upjohn where his work on the dihydropyrone class of HIV protease inhibitors ultimately lead to the discovery of Tipranavir.

During Ruben Tommasi’s 17-year tenure at Novartis he had the opportunity to build a new chemistry team dedicated to Hit to Lead Optimization and Chemogenetics as well as lead the Infectious Disease chemistry team.

Ruben Tommasi successfully lead his teams to advance two candidates to Phase 2 clinical studies (HCV protease inhibitor – BZF961; EF-tu inhibitor for C.difficile – LFF571).

In 2011, Ruben Tommasi joined AstraZeneca to lead its Infection Chemistry team. Currently, Ruben is the Chief Scientific Officer of Entasis Therapeutics which was formed from the spinout of AstraZeneca’s Infection franchise.

One of Ruben Tommasi’s main interests is to develop a better understanding of the factors that affect drug permeation into Gram-negative organisms. Ruben Tommasi is the co-author of 37 papers and co-inventor of 14 patents.