Novo Holdings opens REPAIR Impact Fund proposal round for Europe

April 1, 2019

Today, the REPAIR Impact Fund opens its investment proposal round to European life science companies. Companies are invited to submit a non-confidential proposal, which will be evaluated during the spring. Successful projects will be invited to submit more extensive confidential proposals.

The window for submissions will be open from 1 April to 10 May. Additional information and the proposal template can be found here.

This investment round is the second to European companies. The first, which was completed in late 2018, saw the REPAIR Impact Fund invest in three companies: Minervax, Polyphor and Procarta Biosystems.

Companies that took part in the first investment round without obtaining funding are very welcome to take part in this new round.

Aleks Engel, Director of the REPAIR Impact Fund, commented: “We were blessed with a multitude of innovative proposals during our first year. We were only able to invest in a few, and we are very much looking forward to seeing both new programs and progress on programs we reviewed last year.”

The REPAIR Impact Fund is seeking to build a portfolio of approximately 20 investments over 3-5 years, which means that in any given investment round, the Fund will fund a roughly 2-5 investments.